As you know November is an important election day in Kentucky. There are two significant races, Congressman Andy Barr’s re-election, 6th Congressional District, and Vickie Glisson election in the 3rd Congressional District.

For those clubs who are located in either of these two districts, we ask that you come OUT IN FORCE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, and do whatever you can do for either of these candidates. Walking door-to-door, phone calls, putting signs together, delivering signs, answering phones, etc.

For those clubs outside of these two districts, if you have members willing to come to Lexington or Louisville for the day and work for these two candidates, we would greatly appreciate any help you can give them.

Congressman Barr’s race is, right now, very tight, and he needs all the support he can get from us. Vickie’s race is one that we need to win to get this seat back in Republican hands!!!

I have spoken with both candidate’s campaigns and they are willing to work with us in any way that they can to make this a successful day.

If there are members who want to spend the night in Lexington, or Louisville we have members willing to open their homes for the night.


Clancy Hauber,
Glisson Campaign Headquarters
110 Daventry Lane, Louisville 40223

Barb Ellerbrook — 859-533-6708
Carol Rogers — 859-227-2859
Barr Campaign Headquarters
2473 Fortune Drive, Ste. 110
Lexington, KY